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Grace & Truth Sermon Series

I normally don’t start promoting a sermon series at Element Church until we are one week out, but this one is different.  Coming up on Sunday, February 3rd, we are going to be starting a four-week sermon series called “Grace & Truth”. We are coupling this series with a ten-week small group study called “Grace // Truth”, that will help us join the conversation as a church around faith, sexuality, and gender.

I don’t know if there is a more relevant and important conversation happening in our culture today than this one. We will be addressing all sexuality, but we are leaning more towards the LGBT conversation. Sadly, as the Church, we’ve not done the best job having a conversation. We’ve made statements and declared our stance but we haven’t really had a conversation. So, we want to help equip all of us in the church to join the conversation.

How should we respond to LGBT people and the LGBT conversation? What does the Bible say about faith, sexuality, and gender, and what does the Bible mean about what it says? That’s what this series is about.

The last two weeks at Element I have cast some vision for this series and for the small group season. I would love for everyone to get connected into a small group as we deepen our understanding of the truth of this subject and widen our compassion and grace for all people, including LGBT people. You can sign up for a small group at Church on Sundays, or by going to our website HERE.

The two videos below are portions of my sermon from the last two weeks where I talk about the sermon series.  The top video is from this past Sunday. The one below is from two weeks ago. Start inviting people now to attend this series. I believe it is going to be an incredibly powerful time in the life of our church.

From Sunday, January 13th:

From Sunday, January 6th: