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Fall Small Group Resource

book coverIf you are a church ministry leader or a small group leader looking for some new content or resources as we head into the Fall small group ministry season, I encourage you to check out my book and group study guides entitled “Because Your’e Called:  Three words that will change your life.

Everyone’s called to something, but not everyone’s called to the same thing. You…yes you, are uniquely designed by God to fulfill a God-sized purpose for God.  That’s a great thought isn’t it?  “God designed me for a purpose and placed a calling on my life!”  Just because you’re called though, doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy road.  The idea that a calling will make us more comfortable is both arrogant and American.  You are called, but what does that mean?  How do I know what I’m called to do?  What should I expect in a call?  Do I have what it takes to accomplish the call?  Those are all things addressed in this book.  From personal experience, to the stories of great Bible heroes like Gideon, Joshua, Joseph and Nehemiah, the book unpacks for you three words that will change your life…because you’re called.

The study guide comes with 6 ready to use lessons that walk hand in hand with the book.  Each session has practical and relevant questions to get you and/or a group thinking through and talking through the lessons in the book, other related Scriptures to look up and a clear next step to take each week.  The study guide can be utilized in both an individual or a group setting.

All the Because You’re Called resources are available HERE.  Through September 2nd, you can get a group study pack (10 books and 10 study guides) for only $80.  That is $20 off the regular price.