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Episode 017: #TwinningIsWinning

In Episode 017 of The Naked Party Time Podcast, I spend some time doing a Q & A with my twin brother Jeremy. ⁠

This podcast is all fun, which is part of the podcast mission. We want to be real and raw while having LOTS OF FUN along the way.⁠

I’m pretty sure there are about 30 minutes of laughter and 10 minutes of content in this episode. We answer listener questions about being twins like: ⁠

Has Jeremy always been a Chiefs fan? ⁠

How much do you really despise Tom Brady?⁠

Did your parents know they were having twins? (That’s a fun story) ⁠

Did you ever switch places in classes or try to trick people with how much you look alike? ⁠
Can your mom tell you apart?⁠

What was the best Christmas gift you received or gave as a child?⁠

What’s something you appreciate about each other that you haven’t shared?⁠

At the end of the episode, we answer some rapid-fire questions about who we are as well. ⁠

If you haven’t yet, you can watch or listen to the entire podcast here, on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher. ⁠

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