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Episode 009: The ATV Of Relationships

In Episode 009 of The Naked Party Time Podcast, Jeff and Sabrina walk through the ATV of relationships. Authenticity, Transparency, and Vulnerability. The All-Terrain Vehicle.

Your level of vulnerability will determine your level of victory.

In this episode, they answer a listener question from Caleb who asked: Why is there evil and suffering in creation? To watch a whole sermon that Jeff did on this subject recently at Element Church you can go here:

Israel 2022 Trip:

Content and resources:

If you want to thrive in your relationships you need to be authentic, transparent, and vulnerable. Specifically, authentic with everyone, transparent with some, and vulnerable to someone. Those are the three layers of vulnerability that Jeff and Sabrina unpack in this episode.

Genesis 2:25 Now the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame.

Ian Morgan Cron – Vulnerability should make you a bit nervous. Your heart rate will increase, you’ll have a bit of sweat on your upper lip, and you might even feel queasy. Being transparent will feel a lot more calculated.

Sabrina mentioned Episode 004 where she shared her story of battling depression and anxiety in life.