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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Bryce, this week’s Volunteer Of The Week. Bryce was nominated by Jared, our Creative Arts Pastor who said this: “I love Bryce’s heart for ministry and for people. He has such an amazing attitude about life and people. He genuinely wants to know the cares of others and to seek the heart of God. He has such a passion for serving and for serving God’s people. He is an incredibly talented guy who can play multiple instruments, bring laughter and joy to a team, support when support is needed and lead when leadership is needed. We are so blessed to have Bryce and his wife Brielle as a part of our team and our church!”

Bryce has been attending Element with his wife Brielle since May of 2017. He works for the University of Wyoming as a Graduate Assistant and is in pursuit of my MS in Soil Science, as well as doing research in the economics of soil health in rangeland settings.

When asked about his hobbies, he said, “Saying that I really love the outdoors is an understatement. I Freaking Love The Outdoors. Whether it’s backpacking, mountaineering, mountain biking, cave exploring, or simply hammocking by a river, in my free time, I indulge myself in the mystery of the outdoors. It is those “awe” moments that I love searching for. Where you overlook a natural phenomenon, and there are no words that you can simply say that will give it justice. Those are the moments when we connect to something much bigger than ourselves.”

When asked why he serves at Element Church Bryce said, “One of the main reasons that I serve is for the relationships that I build through being on a team. Moving to a totally new geographic area can initially be tough. One extremely helpful tool for building relationships with others has been getting involved in the church. Through being a part of a team I have invested in relationships that I otherwise wouldn’t have made. Not to mention that serving is a blast! The church leadership is outstanding, and some of the things that the team talks about on Sunday still crack me up when I think about them again on Monday. Individuals that I have connected with are genuine and care about my personal and spiritual life. These aren’t “comfortable” relationships. Meaning that if you open your heart, you will be challenged in your relationship with Jesus, by open discussions and deep questions. These guys help me realize what barriers I have built that sway me from God. Then they help me find the solutions so that I can break down those same barriers. Serving at Element has helped me realize how essential it is to be involved within the church in order to build an authentic church community. The only way to show a genuine love for one another is to invest in those relationships. And what is a better way to build up a relationship with church members than to volunteer within the church!”

Bryce, we are so blessed to have you on the team.  Thank you so much for what you do.  IT MATTERS!