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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hi Element Church! Meet Dustin, this week’s Volunteer Of The Week. Dustin was nominated by Taylor, our Lead Producer who said this: “Dustin has been very reliable and dependable, sometimes stopping me on days he doesn’t serve just to ask if I need help. Dustin usually operates a camera on Sunday but also does graphics and audio for our stream and is always eager to learn more.”

Dustin has been attending Element Church for 2 years with his family, Brad & Stacey Koch. He works at Chick-Fil-A and likes to longboard. When asked why he serves at Element Church he said this, “I serve to help other peoples experience at Element and it makes me feel like I’m helping people come to Christ.”

Dustin, you are definitely helping people come to Christ each time you serve.  Every person that experiences life here at Element does so through the collective effort of the whole team.  Thank you for what you do…IT MATTERS!