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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Vereen, this week’s Volunteer Of The Week. Vereen was nominated by Steve, our Associate Pastor, who said this: ” Vereen stepped up to lead a small group about a year ago when the leader of that group passed away. Since then the group has grown and is still thriving today. Vereen is a wonderful leader and TimelessTtreasures would have not continued if Vereen would have not followed Jesus’ prompt to lead. Thank you Vereen for your leadership and continued service to the ladies of Timeless Treasures.”

Vereen has attended Element Church for about 7 years with her daughter, Janice Lee, Jeff, Jaiden and Jake who serve on parking team and e:kids. Vereen is a retired RN and enjoys quilting, photography, knitting and reading. When asked why she serves at Element, she said, ” I enjoy the Timeless Treasures group and have grown spiritually, as well as developed very special friendships. This group is the highlight of my week.”

Vereen, people like you who volunteer here are the highlight for us every week!  You do an amazing job.  Thank you for serving…IT MATTERS!