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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Chris, this week’s Volunteer Of The Week. Chris was nominated by Eiron, our pastoral assistant who said this, “Chris serves on the Living room team as well as is a huge part of the women’s outreach group ‘All For One’! Chris has a very generous heart and lights up any room she walks in. Her and her husband Tom are always present on Sunday mornings with a smile and a Big ‘Hello’! Element church is lucky to have volunteers like Chris who are leading the way in generosity!  Thank You Chris for volunteering your time here at Element!  What you do matters!”

Chris has been attending Element for 8 years with her husband Tom and her son and daughter-in-law on occasion. She is a Management Assistant for the State of Wyoming Department of Health, Division of Medicaid and loves to travel, exercise watch movies and work puzzles.

When asked why she serves at Element, Chris said: “My spiritual journey has grown exponentially since attending Element Church.   The music and the messages touch me more deeply than any church I have ever attended.  I serve because I want to give back to the church community that has done so much for me, and it is something Tom and I can do together.  Shortly after starting to attend Element, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemo and radiation.  Element was one of the places where I felt safe and like I could get through anything as that is where I felt closest to God.  The people were very welcoming, I made many new friends and I just felt at home.  Serving makes me feel like I have an outlet to ‘pay it forward’ and if my service touches just one life to become closer to God, then I will have succeeded.”

Chris, I know that you have impacted many more than just one life here at Element.  Thank you so much for what you do, IT MATTERS!