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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Kori LanceHey Element Church!  Meet Kori!  She is this week’s volunteer of the week.

Kori serves on our worship team and our worship pastor, Pastor Jared, said this about her:  “Kori and her family have been such a blessing to the worship team and our church. Kori has such energy and passion and is a great worship leader. Despite busy schedules, they always find time to serve God’s church because it’s important to them. Her and her husband, Chris, love to worship and we are so thankful to have them as a part of our family!”

Kori, her husband and her three daughters have been attending Element Church for about seven months.  She is a full-time mom.  When we asked her what her hobbies are she said, “Hobbies?  What are hobbies?  I’m a full time mom.”  (HA!  I love her sarcasm.  Fits in well on the team.)  She said she enjoys skiing, movies and reading when she can.

When asked why she serves at Element she said, “I serve because I want to show people how much God loves them, and I feel honored to be able to do that here at Element.”
Kori, we are honored that you are a part of our team.  Thank you for doing what you do.  IT MATTERS!