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Element Church – Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Tom, this week’s Volunteer Of The Week. Tom was nominated by our Youth Pastor, Brendan who said this: “Tom is a natural fit in Fusion.  His ability to connect and lead students is incredible to watch, and having him as one of our small group leaders is a huge benefit to our ministry.”

Tom has been attending Element for almost a year and is a Part Time assistant at his apartment complex, a Part Time assistant for Dent Masters, and a Suicide awareness speaker. He enjoys baseball, racing at extreme speeds, fishing, golf and other sports.

When asked why he serves at Element, he said, “Since coming to Element Church it has just truly felt like home. Having a church home is something that is indescribable but pure joy. The projects here, such as OneReach are an extension of previous passions. I will admit Fusion is the last place I thought I would volunteer, yet it is a natural fit.”

Tom, it may be the last place you thought you would fit, but we are so glad that God placed you in our student ministry.  When you serve, you are making a life giving impact to students in our community.  Thank you for what you do…IT MATTERS!