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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

barb-gierschHey Element Church! Meet Barb, this week’s Volunteer Of The Week. Barba was nominated by our Facilities Manager, Allan who said this: “Barb is awesome to be around the joy in her heart shows thru by the works of her hands. She is always looking for ways to serve others.”

Barb has been attending Element Church for a year and a half with her husband Tim and also serves as a greeter. She currently works at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver and has a small book business on AmazonSeller. Her hobbies include collecting duckies and barbies and spending a lot of time with her cats when she can.

When asked why she serves Barb said, “I serve because I want to be a model example of what Jesus is, he served others and he showed his love. I get an amazing feeling when I do. I enjoy showing people who Jesus is. I am also very encouraged to serve at the church. When you serve you are making people have a better day which could make a bad day into an exciting day changes your mood.” 

Barb, you are such a blessing to Element Church!  You don’t know how much it means that you give your time to serve God here.  Thank you!  What you do MATTERS!