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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Element Church, meet Amber Schlabs, this week’s Volunteer of the Week. Amber was nominated by John, our Children’s Pastor, who said this: “Amber has one of the biggest, most generous spirits I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen her without a huge smile on her face, and she makes a point to care for whomever she finds in front of herself at a given moment. I am amazed how Amber uses the tragedies in her own life to share God’s grace with others and help them overcome their hurts.”

Amber began attending Element when the church was still meeting in the movie theatre, over 10 years ago! She volunteers in the small group department where she helps host one small group during the week and then leads her own group on another day.  Amber’s group, Shattered, is focused on helping women process through the traumatic experiences they’ve had in their lives and to experience God’s grace and healing in those areas. Amber works for Premier Designs Jewelry and enjoys spending her spare time with her family and friends.

When asked why she serves at Element Church, Amber replied: “I serve in hopes that, together, we can grow in a deeper relationship with Christ; to share life, love and hope with one another. Through Shattered, in particular, our aim is to use our tragedies as a testimony and to overcome through the beautiful mercy and grace of Christ Jesus.”

Amber, I am so proud of all you do for God through His Church.  You haven’t let the tragedies of life keep God from transforming them into beautiful things.  Thank you for all you do!  IT MATTERS!