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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Colin QuinnHey Element Church!  This is Colin and he is this week’s Volunteer Of The Week!

This is from Kristina, who is one of the Pastoral Assistants here at Element (And also Colin’s mom):  As long as I can remember, Colin has had a servants heart.  I love seeing his faith in Jesus and his love for people grow and this has especially been evident through serving.  He is a part of making First Time Guests (FTG’s) feel at home by preparing the gifts they receive in the Living Room.  He also helps track and restock the bibles, devotionals and other Sunday supplies.  It is awesome to see how excited he gets each week with the number of supplies given away and know that those things bring people closer to God through His word.

Colin has been attending Element Church with his family for 6 years.  His dad serves as the Living Room leader for the 6 PM service.  He is a 5th grade student at Goins Elementary School and likes to play Mine Craft, play sports and also enjoys science.

When asked why he serves at Element, Colin said:  “I serve because it’s fun and so other people can reach God. It makes me feel happy.”

Colin, you have no idea how happy it makes us that you serve God through Element, especially at such a young age!  You are leading the way in showing other people what it means to serve God.  We are so proud of you.  What you do MATTERS!