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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Bethany WayHey Element Church!  This is Bethany and she is this week’s Volunteer Of The Week!

Pastor Steve, our Outreach Pastor at Element said:  “Bethany is an amazing and selfless volunteer.  She serves on our Care Team here at the church and cooks and creates meals for the hurting in the church along with helping families through their times of loss while serving at funerals.  We love having her on the team and love the attitude that she brings week in and week out. When we put out a call for a family in need within Element Church she is inevitably the first person to make contact and let us know what she is going to be doing for this family. We are honored to have her.”

Bethany and her family have been attending Element since 2010.  She attends with her husband and their six kids as well as other extended family who attend Element.  Bethany is a stay at home mom and loves spending time with family, camping, fishing, hiking, baking, cooking, traveling and has always had a love for music.

When asked why she serves at Element Bethany said, “I feel so blessed and it makes me happy to be able to serve others at Element!  I truly enjoy bringing happiness and hope to others when they may need it most.”

Bethany, we are SO blessed to have you on as a part of our team.  When people walk through life’s difficult times it is people like you that help ease the burden at that time.  Thank you for doing what you do in God’s Church.  IT MATTERS!