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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Kim GrayHey Element Church!  This is Kim and she serves on our Next Steps Team as well as our Greeter Team and is incredibly faithful.  Kim is a single mom of two boys and just does a fantastic job with her boys.  Pastor Andy said, “I think more than anything, I am inspired by Kim because in spite of the difficulties that go along with being a single mom, she serves every single week.”
Kim has been attending Element since March of 2013.  Sometimes, Kim’s 17 month old son will be with her while she greets people before eKidz is open for the day.  She said, “I love it that he is learning how to serve at this young age.”  Kim works as a Direct Care Provider for people with disabilities.  When not at work she enjoys to spend time with her two boys.  (10 and 17 months)
When asked why she serves at Element she said:  “I love meeting new people and helping them out. Just seeing their smiles as they walk into the church as I greet them and or getting to know them and helping them out if they are new or even not new puts joy into my heart. Just knowing that they get to hear our Heavenly Father’s Word maybe for the first time is a blessing.”
Kim, it is a blessing to us that you are a part of our team.  Thank you for taking seriously what you do for God through Element. What you do MATTERS!