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Cyber Monday Deals @

Looking for great deals on Christmas gifts, or maybe a present for yourself?  On Cyber Monday only, I am offering a 25% off code for all purchases. Just go HERE to my store and enter the Coupon Code “Cyber” upon checkout to receive 25% off your order.

You can check out our clothing line in the Lauren Grant Design portion of the store. In there is some great Wyoming swag as well as some cool custom Christian shirts and sweatshirts. You can also use the code for any of my books that are available, including my latest Christmas release called “The Christmas Cloth”.

The Christmas Cloth is a hardcover, fully illustrated, unique look at the story of Christmas and the life of Christ, designed to engage the entire family in imagination and wonder. In this fictional tale, based on the true events of Jesus, you’ll fall in love with the character of the cloth. You’ll be inspired as you follow the “swaddling cloth” as they tell the story of their part in the birth of Jesus, the burden of Christ’s ministry, His death, burial and ultimately the blessing of the resurrection. Children of all ages will read this again and again as you re-live the story of Jesus, and are encouraged to live out your unique story through the eyes of The Christmas Cloth.