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How To Safeguard Your Faith

The key to safeguarding your faith is to choose to rejoice in the Lord! [Tweet “The key to safeguarding your faith is to choose to rejoice in the Lord!”] Philippians 3:1 says Whatever happens, my dear brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord.  I never get tired of telling you these…

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The Comparison Trap

This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “CON-Tentment: The lie about having more.”  No matter how much we say it or how much we believe it, more is never the answer for enough. This week we asked the question, “What are the practices of containment?”…

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The Process Of Contentment

This last Sunday at Element Church we started a brand new series called “CON-Tentment:  The lie about having more.”  So often in our lives we say things like, “If I just had that or if I just had more, then I’d have enough.  Then I’d be content.”  But more is…

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What Is Your Dream?

Today we celebrate and commemorate the life and impact that Martin Luther King Jr. had on our nation and around the world.  While the day is officially set to mark Dr. King’s birthday, it is really more about honoring the progress he helped bring into racial equality and the inspiration…

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