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I Love My Kids More Than God Does

This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Confessions Of A Pastor”.  This week’s confession was “More often than not I feel like a failure as a parent.”  That while I love my kids, I don’t always love the way I parent them. I preached from…

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Can A Christian Drink Alcohol?

I know I’m poking the bear with this one, or maybe I’m poking the beer I don’t know!  (See what I did there?)  This is probably the most disagreed upon lifestyle choice among Christians today.  While the Bible gives clear warnings against the dangers of drinking alcohol, and is 100% clear…

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Leadership Lessons From Lady Gaga

Two Sundays ago the world watched in awe as the New England Patriots made the largest Super Bowl come back in history to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.  I’m actually still in shock over that comeback.  It was not only improbable, but seemed impossible.  All sorts of life and leadership lessons…

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