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Are You Connected In A Group?

Our vision here at Element Church is simple: We exist to guide people to experience life to its fullest, connect into meaningful relationships, and make a lasting impact.

Experience Life // Get Connected // Make An Impact

The primary way we guide people to get connected is through small groups.  Small groups are a vital part of helping us connect with other people and take our faith to the next level.  I know in my own life, it’s the times I’ve been most connected that I have also seen the most growth in my faith.

Here at Element we have all sorts of groups on nearly every day with multiple time options. No matter how busy your life is or how unique your situation might be, we have a group that can meet you right where you are.

The new groups season begins the week of September 16th.  You can download the Fall catalog, listing all the available groups at Element HERE, and you can go online to sign up for a group HERE.  You can sign up for interest in more than one group and choose the one you will attend as the season approaches.

No matter who you are or where you are in your walk with Jesus, even if you haven’t begun your walk with Christ yet, there is a group for you.  If you have questions, please email our Groups Assistant Kat at