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A Movement Of People!

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.56.35 PMOur vision here at Element is to be a movement of people having such an impact if we were gone our communities would miss us!

This past year, one of our intentional paradigm shifts in the church has been to equip and release our small groups to serve our community on their own.  To truly be a movement of people, we can’t limit the churches outreach to the big events we are able to plan and organize.  Element is to the size now that even events like the Back To School Bash, gas buy downs or other events can’t touch the potential power of what our groups can do on their own.  One big event might require 200 out of the over 1,500 people who call Element Church “Home.”

We will continue to do big event outreaches as a church, but we also want to celebrate what some of our groups are doing as well.  Each month, Pastor Steve and his team put out a newsletter of what’s happening in our Community Groups.  Check out the latest edition of Community Happenings by downloading the .PDF file HERE.

Here is one story of what one of our Women’s Groups called “All for One” did to help students over Spring Break!

All for One collected food and began planning this event in January. They were able to partner with CRMC Staff, Element Church Groups, Friends and Family.  They were able to provide 343 Spring-Break food bags that will be delivered to Sunrise, Afflerbach, Baggs, Alta Vista, Hebard, Rossman, Lebhart/Fairview and Stride Learning Center Elementary Schools on Friday, March 18th for the students to take home with them. Homeless and struggling children that receive Friday food bags (which is intended for a weekend) will be the ones that receive the All for One bags. These children try to stretch the Friday food bags throughout the week of Spring break, it is All for One’s intention to help ease this burden with a bigger bag of food.