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Are you willing to drown?

No, this is not some cruel Baptism prank, but an actual question.  Are you willing to drown?  Here is why I ask. One of my favorite Bible stories of all time is the story of Peter walking on the water.  Can you imagine?  I’ve been able to do some pretty…

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Get Off The Ledge

On Sunday at Element Church we continued our marriage series called “Happily Never Happened.”  I preached from Proverbs 5 and asked the question, “How do we pursue purity?”  In the message we said:  Pleasure is not the opposite of purity but the outcome of pursuing it!  If we would let…

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You Choose Sunday

Coming up on Sunday, November 15th at Element Church we are doing You Choose Sunday.  What does that mean?  It means that you select the worship set and you select the sermon content.  We are surrendering the control of the Sunday service over to you!  If you click on the…

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