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Episode 013: Are you ready for 2021? (Part 2)

In Episode 013, we finish out our discussion around planning for the new year with part two of, “Are you ready for 2021?”

If you haven’t listened to part one of the podcast you can go back and catch up with that. In this episode, we share the final two steps to an annual planning process we follow. You don’t have to follow this process, but we do challenge you to do something.

We don’t want life to just happen to you, we want you to happen to life! To do that, you need to be intentional about where you’re going. That’s what this process is designed to do. You will never live the life you want by accident.

In this episode, we share the 2020 goals that we had based on this process we follow. It’s a real-time look at what our plan was for the year, and how we did. Then we share the final two steps to this process, which may be the two most important steps of all.

Annual Planning Process: 

1. Schedule a Rendezvous

2. Review the previous year 

3. Refocus your priorities

We choose to set goals in four main buckets as a couple: Financial, relational, family, and bucket list goals. Individually we also have spiritual, physical, and professional goals.

4. Reorder your life 

Make the adjustments that need to happen to accomplish the goals you set.

If you don’t do this step of re-ordering your life then you don’t have goals you have wishes.

5. Recurring reviews 

Set specific times throughout the year that you are doing this plan on a mini-scale.

If you don’t go back and look at your goals and review them then you’ll never accomplish them.

You have to do the things you don’t want to do in order to make progress.

Schedule a rendezvous, review the previous year, refocus your priorities (set new goals), re-order your life around them, set up your recurring reviews.