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The Gospel

On Sunday at Element Church we did a stand alone message on the Gospel.  I asked the question, “What should I know about the Gospel?”  I think the Gospel is a word we use all the time in the church but many of us don’t really know what it truly…

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Front Lines: Behind The Music

Just a few weeks ago, the team here at Element Church was able to release a full length worship album called “Front Lines.”  We’ve already heard a number of incredible stories of how the album has offered hope, light and life to those who need it.  If you haven’t yet, I’d encourage…

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Financial Learning Experience

If you’re looking at taking your finances to the next level in 2016, then you need to be a part of these two incredible opportunities coming up at Element Church.  On Monday and Tuesday, February 1st and 2nd, Joe Sangl from I Was Broke Now I’m Not is going to…

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I’m Engaged

No, I’m not trying to get my own television show called “Sister Pastor Wives”.  I’m NOT talking about that kind of engagement.  I am “engaged” in a great work!  That’s part of what we talked about at Element Church this past week as we continued our look at Nehemiah in our series…

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