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My Life Is Falling Apart

That’s how I felt during a season in my life earlier this year in which I talked about on Sunday at Element Church.  In this message we talked about how the Bible can read us.  We said, “The Bible can’t just be something we read, it has to be something…

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Waiting For You

This last Sunday at Element Church we had what we are believing to be an annual event called “Compassion Sunday.”  Along with highlighting all the compassion based ministries, organizations and events that we partner with here at Element, we also challenged our church families to sponsor a child through Compassion…

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How Are Your Odds?

No, I’m not talking about your odds of winning the lottery, but your odds in life? On Sunday, we finished our sermon series called “Mythbusters” here at Element Church.  Our final myth was “God will never give you more than you can handle.”  We said, “If we never faced more than we…

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I’ve Told God to SHUT UP!

“Shut up” was one of those phrases growing up that we were NOT allowed to say, but how many times have I said that to God? In this message from this past Sunday at Element Church, we talked about the myth that we should “Let our conscience be our God.”…

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Is That A Log In Your Eye?

This past Sunday at Element Church we talked about the myth that “Christians shouldn’t judge.”  We are in a series called “Mythbusters” and we are looking at 6 common statements many people believe that just aren’t true.  In this message, I preached from Matthew 7:1-6 and we said that “Not…

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Hover-Boards And Heaven

Will hover-boards be in Heaven?  I think they will.  Especially after riding one during my sermon this past Sunday at Element Church.  This past week, on Easter Sunday, we kicked off a new series called Mythbusters at Element.  In this series we are going to look at six myths…six common…

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