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Who’s Your Daddy?

On Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Labels: Living in our true identity”.  We’re looking at four different labels found in 1 Peter 2:9-11.  This last week we talked about the fact that, as children of God, we are Royal Priests.  But what in the world…

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“You’re So Stupid”

That and many other labels are where so many of us are stuck in our lives.  Sunday at Element Church we started a new sermon series called “Labels: Living in our true identity.”  In this series we’re going to break free from the labels people give us or the labels…

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Sin Is Fun!

I’ve heard other preachers say this and I’ve said it before as well that if you’re not having fun while you sin then you’re not doing it right!  HA!  Well, not only is that true, but I learned this week that it is also fun to illustrate sin in a sermon.…

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Have We Fallen Asleep?

I ran across this news story the other day and it intrigued me.  The story came out of Spain and told the story of how 1,300 sheep were found wandering through the town in the middle of the night. Around 4:30 AM on Tuesday, June 7th, police were alerted to some…

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