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Category: Personal

The WHY Behind Modesty

Recently, my wife and I had a heated conversation with our daughters about modesty.  It was all born out of our personal parental standard that we don’t let our girls wear a bikini as a swimsuit.  Please hear me, that we do not condemn anyone who wears a bikini or…

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I Love My Kids More Than God Does

This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Confessions Of A Pastor”.  This week’s confession was “More often than not I feel like a failure as a parent.”  That while I love my kids, I don’t always love the way I parent them. I preached from…

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What Is My Purpose In Life?

If you are a church ministry leader or a small group leader looking for some new content or resources as we are into the Fall small group ministry season, or maybe something for the start of 2017, I encourage you to check out my book and group study guides entitled “Because Your’e…

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