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Year End Giving Opportunity

Hey Element Church!  I hope you had an amazing Christmas and are headed into 2017 with a fresh sense of hope and expectation.  On Sunday, December 11th, we kicked off our annual year end giving opportunity called the “So That” offering.  Since that Sunday, you have already generously given $46,763.38 to God through His Church.  That is amazing, and for those of you who have already given I just wanted to say “Thank you!”  

If you haven’t been able to give yet and would still like to, I wanted to let you know that you can still give to the So That offering through December 31st.  As I always say, “No one person can do everything but we can all do something, and if we all do something we can end up accomplishing everything.”  If you call Element Church your “home,” I hope you will consider doing something in the So That offering as we close out the year.  

If you are looking to make that year end contribution through the So That offering and want it to reflect on your 2016 giving statement for tax purposes, you need to have your gift given digitally, in person or postmarked by December 31st.  To give to the So That offering digitally you can follow this link HERE.  If you would like to give in a non-traditional way (property, precious metals, stocks, bonds, etc.) please contact us via email at  All proceeds from the So That offering are going to help purchase 250 pairs of shoes for children who live in extreme poverty in Bolivia, as well as funding the I Heart Wyoming initiative that is being launched in 2017.  

Thank you again for leading the way in generosity.  I am so proud to be a part of such a generous group of people.  Have a Happy New Year and I will see you on January 8th at church!