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Seven: The Final Words Of Jesus (New Sermon Series)

Hey Element Church! This Sunday we are starting a new sermon series that will take us all the way up to Easter Sunday called “Seven: The final words of Jesus”.

If you knew you only had a few moments left on earth, you would choose your final words very carefully. There is power in hearing someone’s final words. In the Bible, there are seven different statements recorded from Jesus on the cross. At face value, some of these statements could be easily passed by, but they are incredibly deep, challenging, and inspiring. As we head into the Easter season, we’re going to look at the seven final words of Jesus and see how they can have a profound impact on our faith.

When: Sunday’s March 3rd – April 14th at 8:30 AM // 10:00 AM // 11:30 AM // 6:00 PM (All four worship experiences are exactly the same)

Where: Element Church gathers at 600 E Carlson St. in Cheyenne, WY

Who: Anyone and everyone. Each worship experience we also provide a relevant, fun, and secure kids ministry for children infant through 12 years old.