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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church!  This is Kim and she is this week’s Volunteer Of The Week.  Eiron, who is our assistant in Community and Outreach, said:  “Kim helps leads a community group here at Element Church called ‘Balance’.  Through this group she is lifting, encouraging and helping women find the balance (Mind, Body…

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Can Women Lead?

Community Happenings (5) No, this is not a blog about women in leadership or whether women should be pastors, but my title did peak your interest didn’t it?  (I’ll save a blog about that subject for another day) Here at Element Church we have a women’s group called “Leading Ladies”…

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My Life Is Falling Apart

That’s how I felt during a season in my life earlier this year in which I talked about on Sunday at Element Church.  In this message we talked about how the Bible can read us.  We said, “The Bible can’t just be something we read, it has to be something…

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