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The Naked Weekly: Politically Homeless (My frustrations with today’s politics)

I am frustrated with today’s politics, so much so that I feel a bit politically homeless. I don’t fit in their camp and I don’t fit in their circle. Anyone else feel that way? “I’m a Christian who is theologically conservative & socially compassionate, too conservative for progressives & too…

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I Can Trust God

I can trust God! ⁠ ⁠ Such a simple statement to say, but how often do I need to actually believe it myself. ⁠ ⁠ I have no problem believing in God. The proof that God exists is undeniable to me. How anyone could look at creation, the birth of…

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Episode 018: Marriage On Mission (And stuff for singles too)

In this episode, we start a conversation about living out a marriage that is on mission (And stuff for singles too) If your marriage is not focused on the right mission, then your mission will become only about your marriage. ⁠ This affects single people too because as singles, you…

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