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Episode 037: Busting some marriage myths! (And a few single one’s too)

In this episode, we continue talking about relationships as we bust some marriage myths, and a few single ones too.  Episodes mentioned:  Episode 036: Celebrating Singleness Feedback from single listeners:  “Great podcast. Loved it. I use to hate hanging out with married people. I embrace it now. Not only do…

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Episode 035 (Bonus): Gettin’ to know ya’ll

In this episode, we answer several listener questions ranging from our personality types, how we deal with anger, what we’ve done when we don’t agree on parenting decisions, how we answer the questions of injustice and suffering in the world, and much more.  Helpful resources mentioned:  The Road Back to…

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Meet The Maness Family

Meet the Maness Family!  After being introduced as the next Senior Pastor of The Harbor in Friendswood, TX, this last Sunday, I figured we might have a couple of new followers or some people curiously checking us out online. My name is Jeff Maness! My wife is Sabrina. We have…

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