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Naked Weekly: Getting To Know My Daughters

On this episode of the Naked Weekly, we just talk about my girls. They said, “Why don’t we do a podcast just about us?” So this week, that’s what we’re doing. We are indulging the prideful nature of my kids and just talking about them.
We talk about coffee, because duh! And we talk about who is the favorite. Doesn’t every family? 
Questions answered: 
1. Do you all love coffee as much as your dad?
2. Is there anything you feel like you have to hide from your parents? (No details needed)
3. Do you feel extra pressure to avoid things like parties, alcohol, sex, etc, or do you feel everyone else your age is under the same pressure to avoid those things?
6. Do you practice the Sabbath along with your parents? What does a Sabbath look like for a teen?
7. What are your future plans after high school?