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I Am A Friend Of God

I am a friend of God! ⁠

What a profound truth for us who believe in God through Christ. I am a friend of God! ⁠

Not only am I a friend, but God WANTS to be my friend. Wow! ⁠

This is a Declaration of Truth I say over my life.⁠

Truth statements have become one of the key spiritual disciplines that help me replace the enemy’s lies with the Truth of God’s Word. Every one of my declarations is rooted in Scripture: ⁠

Romans 5:11 So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God.⁠

I’m not sure we can fully grasp the power of that verse. God is not some distant God who just saves us and then waits for us to get to Heaven. ⁠

He isn’t an acquaintance.⁠

He’s family, but He’s more than that. He’s our friend. Family, you don’t have a choice with, friendship is a choice. And God chose to be my friend.⁠

Again…wow! ⁠

Truth statements like these are much more than self-help or positive affirmations. Truth statements are just that…TRUTH! ⁠

Scripture tells us that the enemy is the father of lies. He uses those lies to distract us, derail us, and destroy us. The only way lies are defeated is by replacing them with Truth.⁠

I am a friend of God! God wants to be my friend. ⁠

Say it! Believe it! Live it! I am a friend of God! ⁠