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How Powerful Is Your Jesus?

My view of Jesus in this life affects the way I engage Him with my life.

That was our big idea on Sunday at Element Church as we continued our Christmas sermon series called “Given.” In this series we’re using the prophecy concerning Jesus in Isaiah 9:6-7 to see what we’ve already been Given in Christ. So far in the series, we’ve looked at Jesus as our Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God. This last week we talked about what it means that Jesus is the “Everlasting Father”.

It’s important to note that these characteristics in Isaiah 9:6-7 were pointing to a King that would reign on David’s throne. This King, Jesus, would not just be a king of a people or country, but a King of all the world. And as King, He wouldn’t rule and reign like an earthly father which can only do their best with the limited knowledge and ability they possess. No, this King would reign as an eternal Father, never ending in His faithfulness, love, mercy, and grace.

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One of the key aspects of Jesus as King is that He is faithful in power! The title of this blog is an intentional and specific question we all must answer. “How powerful is your Jesus?” If I view Jesus as having limited power that will affect the way I engage with Him in this life. If I view Jesus as all-powerful, then there’s nothing my God cannot do.

In Psalm 89, we see some prophetic words about the coming of this King. In it, we see that Jesus is forever faithful in His presence, protection, provision, and power. In this clip below I talk about this powerful King and what it means for us today. I don’t know about you, but I want my King to have this kind of power.

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