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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

austin-staplesHey Element Church! This is Austin, and he’s this week’s Volunteer Of The Week.

Austin was nominated by our e:kidz Director, Stephanie, who said this: “Austin has been volunteering on our team since 2014, and has been great at it since day one. He takes serving in e:kidz very seriously. Each Sunday he comes in on time and ready to serve. Element is very lucky to have him!”

Austin and his family have been attending Element since October, 2007. He currently attends East High School and enjoys playing video games and collecting Legos. When asked why he serves at Element Church, Austin said, “I serve at Element Church because I want to help out with teaching the kids about Jesus and other things in the Bible. It makes me feel good knowing that I helped the church in some way.”
Austin, we are so proud of you and so happy to have you on our team!  Thank you for leading the way as a young man in serving Jesus through His Church!  What you do MATTERS!