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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Derrek JerredHey Element Church, meet Derrek.  He is this week’s Volunteer Of The Week! 29 Pastor Steve, one of our associate pastors said this about him:  “He is passionate about everything he does. I don’t believe that I have ever seen this guy down. He exudes passion and love for others that is not easily matched. Derrek serves on the 6PM Usher Team on Sundays at Element and also co-leads a group here at that is called Young & Free.  They conduct outreach to our local community on a monthly basis. Just last month Young & Free gave away 643 Valentines to a local Retirement home to show the folks there that they are loved.”
Derrek has been attending Element full time for 2 years.  (He attended occasionally while living in Gillette as a high school student and Laramie while at UW)  He is the Business Development Specialist at Cheyenne LEADS trying to bring more people to Cheyenne and hopefully Element!  He loves the Denver Broncos (see picture), a medium rare ribeye, golfing, cooking and ceramics.  AND he knows the way to his pastors heart.  You can see in the picture that his Christmas present to me was two packages of BACON!
When asked why he serves at Element, Derek said this:  “I am passionate about serving at Element Church because of the serving mentality/atmosphere that is created by the pastoral staff and all the other volunteers at Element. Not only do I serve because it is in the Bible to serve the bride of Christ, but when your Pastor preaches about serving and the gratitude towards that service and what the Angels are doing in heaven every time someone experiences life to their fullest in Christ; that’s something to get excited about!! Element Church values the service and the hearts of those who serve, and I feel like any amount of time and energy you put in as a volunteer, you receive back one hundred times over. Plus, Element Church makes serving SO easy that there is no excuse to not be serving in some capacity. It is a priority not only at the church, but in our lives and there are so many ways to get plugged in… just ask a Volunteer!!”
Derrek, I’m so proud of you and honored that you are on our team!  Thank you for doing what you do.  IT MATTERS!