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Automate The Important

automate-important_logoHey Element Church! During yesterday’s service we talked about a challenge to give digitally to God’s work here, and beyond that, a challenge to automate the important. This month, as we approach the summer season, we are going to be encouraging our church to continue or move their giving to a digital format.

We totally get that during the summer, vacations, sporting activities, family time or God’s great creation can cause our attendance to be less regular. Heck, even my family is in church less often during the summer. But while our attendance might slow down in the summer, the ministry does not, and digital/recurring giving, is a great way to keep the money that God’s entrusted us with connected to the ministry He is doing here at Element.

Online giving is a great way to automate the important. When you visit the giving page of our website HERE, you can make a one-time contribution or set up recurring donations. It’s easy to make weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly contributions tied to your bank account or credit card. It’s simple, safe and easy to use. You can also use your mobile device to give by texting ‘Element’ to 77977 and following the instructions.

If you’re not currently giving anything to God through the church, this might be a great time to start giving something or to increase what you’re currently giving.  If you already give but haven’t joined the digital giving options yet, you might consider moving to a digital form of generosity here at Element Church.

To everyone who leads the way in generosity here at Element Church, thank you for what you do! Because you give, you are helping provide a place where 124 people have asked Jesus into their heart so far in 2016 and 73 people have gone public with their faith through baptism.