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Element Church: Volunteer Of The Week

Hey Element Church! Meet Faith-Racheal, this week’s Volunteer of the week. Faith-Racheal was nominated by Kat our Small Groups Assistant who said this: “Faith-Racheal is entering her 2nd season of leadership with Small Groups. She takes the challenge to grow to heart. She loves those she leads and desires to help them grow more in their own faith. She is an awesome team player and has an incredible gift of helping others find their place in the church. When met with a problem, she is always optimistic and eager to find a solution. Faith-Racheal also serves as a Service Captain for our E:Kidz Team and a Next Steps Leader with our First Impressions Team.”

Faith-Racheal has been attending Element for 4.5 years. Her mom attends as well and serves at Next Steps and in Explorers in E:Kidz. Her dad just recently began attending (so excited!) She is an Adjudicator for Blue Cross Blue Shied and she loves coffee, reading, and being outside.

When asked why she serves at Element, Faith-Racheal said, “I serve at Element because I want to live in my obedience to God. He pulled on my heartstrings to be here, so I am. It’s like one day God challenged me to find who I was in Him and sent me on a journey to discover who He created me to be. I’ve learned to grow, love others better than I ever have, and that leading others means serving them. Serving makes me feel both strong and grateful. I’m incredibly thankful for the fellowship and friendships that have also been gifts of serving.”

Faith-Racheal, we are incredibly thankful that you are on our team.  Thank you for all that you do. IT MATTERS!