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What Yoke Are You Carrying?

Jesus never offered us a burden free life, but He does have an offer for our burdens in this life. That was the big idea from this past Sunday’s message as we kicked off our Christmas sermon series at Element Church called “Silent Night.”  This week I preached from Matthew…

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Christians Need To Suck It Up!

Last week I tweeted out a link to THIS blog by Phil Cooke but I thought was worth a re-post here on my blog as well.  Phil is a writer and speaker who has also produced media programming in nearly 50 countries around the world.  As a working producer in Hollywood…

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A Movement Of People!

Our vision here at Element is to be a movement of people having such an impact if we were gone our communities would miss us! This past year, one of our intentional paradigm shifts in the church has been to equip and release our small groups to serve our community…

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Easter Sermon Series: Mythbusters

On Easter Sunday, March 27th, we are going to be starting a new sermon series at Element Church called “Mythbusters.” Just because we’ve always believed it, or just because we often say it, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. What if a common belief in the Christian faith was wrong? In…

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