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Category: Discipleship

Do You Need Wisdom? (Guest Post from Pastor Derek Mowery)

Derek is the Executive Pastor at Element Church and has been on staff since the Fall of 2009. (He started out as our E:KIDZ Director) He shared this devotional thought recently with our staff: Pastor Jared and Pastor Jeff both talked a little about wisdom recently. Jared referenced the book…

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Episode 019: Marriage On Mission (And stuff for singles too) Part 2

In this episode, we pick up where we left off last time talking about living our lives on mission. If your marriage is not focused on the right mission, then your mission will become only about your marriage. If you haven’t yet, make sure and listen to Episode 018 of…

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The Naked Weekly: Politically Homeless (My frustrations with today’s politics)

I am frustrated with today’s politics, so much so that I feel a bit politically homeless. I don’t fit in their camp and I don’t fit in their circle. Anyone else feel that way? “I’m a Christian who is theologically conservative & socially compassionate, too conservative for progressives & too…

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