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Annual Year-End “So That” Offering

Yes, it’s that time of year again Element Church.  Christmas stuff is out in the stores, holiday commercials are on TV & organizations like ours are gearing up for a strong push through the end of the year.

This last Sunday at Element, I began casting vision for where we are headed next as a church.  Ironically, where we are headed next is a lot like where we’ve been in 2017, just bigger!

A little over a year ago we started to cast vision for a new initiative called “I Heart Wyoming“.  I Heart Wyoming exists to elevate, expand and re-inforce the credibility of God’s Church in all 23 counties in our state.  To do that, we set out to literally give away $100,000 to other churches, partnering with them to serve their communities in tangible ways. The goal was to partner with 10 different churches this year, giving away all $100,000.

Last year, through the So That offering, the people of Element Church generously gave $75,000.  Element budgeted another $25,000 to reach an even $100,000.  As of today, with two months left in the year, Element Church has partnered with 14 churches in 10 different counties, giving away $99,500 toward their outreach efforts.  To see some of what has been done around our state through God’s Church, go HERE.

Coming up on Sunday, December 10th, you have a chance to again be a part of where we are headed as a church through the annual year end offering called the “So That” offering.

In 2018, we are continuing our I Heart Wyoming Initiative with a goal of partnering with 20 churches around our state.  This year, we are praying for a God sized number of $250,000 to be given in the So That offering.  (A portion of the So That offering will also go to the local Salvation Army to help stock their food pantry shelves for families in need) So That, is born out of John 3:16 which tells us that God loved the world so much He gave, SO THAT anyone who believes in Him could be saved.

That’s why we give as well!  Because we love God, we give…SO THAT more and more people can be reached for Jesus through His Church!  As we prepare for this offering, I’m simply asking all of us to pray, “God, what do you want to give through me?” And then be faithful to follow through on what He says.  No one person will do everything, but we can all do something, and if we all do something we’ll end up accomplishing everything!

As you’re praying about what you’ll give, be thinking about the ways you’ll give as well.  Our online and mobile giving portals are already open for the So That offering.  You can go online HERE or text the word “Element” to 77977 in order to give on your mobile device.

As always, you can give through cash or check, just make sure that you mark it “So That Offering.”  You can also give in non-traditional ways like stocks, bonds, property or precious metals.  If you’d like to give in a non-traditional way, please contact us,