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19-Day All Church Fast

Starting tomorrow, January 15th, I am challenging everyone who calls Element Church “home” to a 19-Day Fast as we seek God in preparation for the Grace & Truth sermon series. The series begins on Sunday, February 3rd, which is the day we will break the fast.  No one is “required” to do this fast. You’re not a better Christian if you do fast and you’re not a worse Christian if you don’t.

If you’re unfamiliar with fasting you can download the fasting guide that we have created for you HERE.

Fasting is not a way to make God do something we want Him to do. Yes, fasting is one of the ways that we can petition God for a request, it is also a way that we can proclaim Him as Lord in our life by sacrificing something in our life that we need (food), in order to seek Him. Whether proclamation or petition, fasting is not a way for us to get from God what we want, it’s a way we allow God to give us what He wants…more of Himself.

Whether proclamation or petition, fasting is not a way for us to get from God what we want, it's a way that we allow God to give us what He wants...more of Himself. Click To Tweet

Starting this Tuesday, January 15th, then continuing every weekday (Monday – Friday), we will be opening the auditorium at Element from noon – one for prayer. If you’d like to take a portion of your lunch hour to come and seek God with us we would love to see you here.

As you pray, please consider joining me in the following requests:

  1. Unity – I’m praying against division and for unity in this series. The subject we are addressing is incredibly emotional, highly volatile, and there are hundreds of opinions represented. Even in our own church we are not all going to agree on every detail. In our disagreement, I pray we embrace one another with love.
  2. Impact – I believe this series has the potential to impact many people with the Gospel. The Gospel is for everyone. It calls us each of us toward salvation, and it also calls each of us to a high standard of living as we follow Jesus. The Gospel takes us just as we are, but in its power, it won’t leave us that way. I’m praying that we see many people put their faith in Jesus and set out to follow Him in a new life through His power.
  3. Confidence – For many people, the subject of sexuality, especially as it pertains to the LGBT conversation, is not one we have a lot of confidence discussing. The rate at which this conversation is moving in culture is at light speed compared to how I feel like the Church has been prepared. I’m praying that this series will deepen our confidence in what the Bible says and what the Bible means when it comes to the intersection of faith, sexuality, and gender.