I Want To Be More Like The Devil (Infuse Leadership Podcast)

The latest episode of the Infuse Leadership Podcast is now available on iTunes, on our website HERE and also right here on the blog below.  The title of this episode is “I wanna be more like the devil.”  In this episode we re-play for you a recent all staff talk that I gave to our staff in our monthly all staff meeting.

Revelation 12:12 says Therefore, rejoice, O heavens!  And you who live in the heavens, rejoice!  But terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time.

In this episode I challenge our staff to lead with the same sense of urgency that the devil has.  If we truly understood how short our time was we wouldn’t waste time on so many things.

The links to listen are below, as well as some key thoughts from the Podcast.  If you use iTunes, please rate and review the podcast to help spread the word about what God is doing!  Make sure and listen all the way through the end.  I use a compelling illustration at the end to remind us of the high calling we’ve been given as God’s Church.

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1. We don’t have time for preferences —   Preferences, neither mine nor someone else’s, can ever become our purpose.  When preferences become our purpose then we will cease to have the power of God in our ministry.

Jesus didn’t give us the way to do things, He just gave us the what and the why.  

There is no right way to do church, but every church should point the way back to God.

2.  We don’t have time for pining — There might be times where we can learn from how things used to be or how it worked for where someone else came from, but we have no time to long for the “good ole days”.

More often than not, the good ole days aren’t as good as we remember, they are just different than what we have right now.

If you spend too much time pining over what used to be you’ll stop dreaming about the possibility of what can be, and we need to stay in the dreaming zone.

3.  We don’t have time for pettiness — When you go on the offensive as a church it will be offensive to some people, even some people in the church.

Jesus cared about people’s feelings but he wasn’t going to coddle them.

We are not here to coddle the already convinced or to cater to the consistently comfortable.  We are here to help convert those who are yet to believe and challenge the stinkin’ heck out of those of us who already do.

4.  We don’t have time for piddling around —  I’m all for having fun.  I think work & ministry should be fun.  I’m a big believer in working hard and playing hard, but… There is a fine line between having a fun time at work and just making your time at work futile.

Let us not forget that we must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the One who sent us because there is coming a day where we can work no longer.



Jeff Maness
I am a follower of Jesus first, husband to a beautiful wife, father to four amazing children, lead pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY, and blogger of all things life.

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