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Why We Are Adding A Fourth Worship Experience

Hey Element Church! If you were in church this past Sunday then you already heard, but coming up on Sunday, October 14th, we will be adding a fourth worship experience to our schedule.

The new times will be 8:30 AM // 10:00 AM // 11:30 AM // 6:00 PM.

All four services will be exactly the same, we are just adding a new time in the morning to create space in our most attended services.  So far this year we have experienced record attendance as a church.  We have already had nine non-holiday Sundays over 1600 people in attendance, four of those being over 1700.  We have only had 1600 people on a regular Sunday one other time in the history of our church.

In the clip below I took some time in my message to cast vision for why we are doing this and how we’re going to do it.

I’m excited about where God is taking us as a church! The fact that we need to create more space to reach more people is a great problem to have. There are plenty of churches in the opposite position.  “Lord, help us steward this growth well and lead people to become more like You!”