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What if God’s voice is not for my good?

This past Sunday at Element Church we concluded our sermon series called, “My Declaration: A challenge for men to rise up.”  The series is based off a book I recently wrote and released HERE.

In the series, we’ve each been challenged to rise-up and finish what God started in us by being aggressive at purity, taking responsibility, honoring God financially, leading courageously, and living for eternity. That last one, living for eternity, is where we ended the series on Sunday.

When I say, “Live for eternity”, I’m talking about more than just living eternally or having eternal life. I’m talking about living with eternity in mind. Living with purpose in every step. Living as if what I do today matters for eternity.

On Sunday, we looked at a part of the story of the Apostle Paul and how he “lived for eternity.”  For Paul, he ran with purpose in every step.  He lived as if every moment mattered and every second counted. Maybe he was so determined to live out His purpose because of how far he was from God when God saved him and called him into ministry.  I don’t know.  All I know is, outside of Jesus, there isn’t a greater example in the Bible of living for eternity.

In the clip below, I talk about one of the keys to living for eternity: “Hearing and obeying the voice of God.”  Paul had the heart of God, heard the voice of God, and had his hope anchored in God. We said, “It’s only in living for something beyond this life that we’ll have anything worth living for in this life.” 

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Paul not only had the heart of God, but He heard and obeyed the voice of God, even when God’s voice took him places he wouldn’t choose for himself. So often, we believe God’s voice will only be for our good…OUR definition of good. Sometimes, like with Paul, His voice leads to jail and suffering.

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