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I Want The Heart Of Paul

I want what Paul had because what Paul had we desperately need.

That was our big idea this last week as we finished up our sermon series called “Walk This Way”.  This week, we looked at the life of Paul, specifically his journey through Jerusalem, to an auditorium in Ceaserea where he would eventually be taken to a prison cell in Rome and would lose his life for his faith in Jesus.

From Acts chapter 9 through Acts 28 and beyond, Paul lived out some things that I want in my life.  Yes, I am inspired by his courage, faith and boldness.  Yes, I also want to be sure that my heart has been saved, forgiven from sin and I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  All those things I want, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  In Acts 20:18-24, Paul reveals some things about his life that I want true in mine.

In the clip below, I talk about the heart of Paul and what that looks like in our life.  I want the heart of Paul!  You an watch full sermons HERE.