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Coaching And Consulting

Pastor Jeff has a real heart and passion to see leaders, pastors, and churches excel in their calling. He has benefited greatly in his own ministry from the coaching and consulting he received and continues to receive, and has made himself available to coach other pastors and leaders as well. If you are the senior pastor of a church or are a church planter in need of coaching, Pastor Jeff is available for a limited number of coaching opportunities each year.  A one-year commitment and full payment upfront is required for each coaching relationship.

With every request that comes in, Pastor Jeff is both honored and extremely humbled. Although he wishes he could fulfill every request, his schedule simply does not allow for this to be possible. In order to keep his relationship with the Lord, his family, and Element Church healthy, he must keep his acceptance to a minimum. Upon completing the coaching request form someone will contact you about your request.

Please describe why you're interested in coaching and what you hope to accomplish? Also, if you have any questions about coaching with Pastor Jeff, please ask away!