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How Much Of Your Reputation Are You Willing To Risk?

This past Sunday at Element Church we started a brand new sermon series called “This Is Us.”  In this series we are walking through the core values we have as a church.  Values are what define us.  They are guard rails if you will that keep us focused on the mission of Jesus and the vision He has for our church.  But values can’t just be the words we say, they need to be the way we live, born out of what we believe because of who God is.

The first core value we looked at was “Obedience is our success — Success will not be determined by outcome but by our obedience to God.”  God doesn’t make us successful because we obey, obedience is our success.  So we asked the question, “What does successful obedience look like?”

I preached from Luke 22, where Jesus asked Peter and John to go make sure a place was ready for the group to eat the Passover meal.  In this story, Jesus asked them to do some pretty crazy things.  He said to go into town and you’ll see a man carrying a pitcher of water.  Follow him to the house he goes into and ask the owner of the house about the guest room.  Tell him that the Teacher wants to use it for the Passover meal, he will take you to the room and it will be all set up for the meal.  WHAT?

Here in this clip, I talk about how Peter and John had to risk their reputation to follow through with what Jesus said to do.  They actually did what Jesus said, and everything happened like He said it would. You can watch full sermons HERE.