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Labels: Living In My True Identity (New Sermon Series)

Labels_maingraphic-w-start-dateIt seems like every where we turn we are living in labels we put on ourselves or labels other people put on us.  Whether it’s around race, gender, socio-economic status, political party, career, past successes or failures, or perceptions people have about us or we have about ourselves.  Everyone struggles with labels.  Labels can define us and if we aren’t careful they can ultimately defeat us.  But here is a truth we need to live in:  No matter what has happened to you or what you have done. No matter how you feel or how other people feel about you. Your identity is not found in any label that can be placed upon you but only on what the Lord has to say about you! It’s when we know WHO we truly are that we can really live HOW we want to live. Starting on Sunday, August 7th, we’re going to look at the LABELS God has given us and how we can live in them every day.

When:  Every Sunday starting August 7th at 9 & 11 AM or 6 PM.

Where:  Element Church in Cheyenne (600 E Carlson St)

Who:  Anyone!  Fun, relevant and secure kids environments for children infant through 6th Grade.