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Jesus Does More Than Take Me Back

This past Sunday at Element Church we continued our series called “Walk This Way”.  In the series I’m taking places we physically got to see and experience while in Israel on a tour of the Holy Land.  To physically see what Jesus saw and walk where Jesus walked was a faith changing experience for both my wife and I.

This week, we looked at John 21, where Peter was reinstated by Jesus after his massive denial of Jesus on the night that He was betrayed.  In John 21, Peter had gone back to fishing.  It wasn’t that he just went out to fish for a day, he had decided to go back to his old life, back to being a fisherman.  Jesus comes along the shore and has a beautiful conversation with Peter.  He basically tells Peter, I’ll take you back!  That no matter what you’ve done to me, I’m not done with you!

That was our big idea for the day.  No matter what I’ve done to Him, Jesus is not done with me!  But I think sometimes in the Church, we stop at Jesus taking us back.  Now taking us back is a huge deal, right?  After what I’ve done to Him, if that’s all He ever did for me that would be enough.  But if there’s more, we need to experience that as well.

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In the clip below, I talk about the “more” of what Jesus offers.  If there’s more, I want it.  Yes, He takes us back but He also transforms us into a new person.  You can watch full sermons HERE.