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How Much Time Do We Really Have?

On Sunday at Element Church we continued our sermon series called “Fences” by talking about the fence of time that we limit ourselves with.  So often, instead of living in the wide open expanse of time that we have been given, we choose to hoard our time, not really using it for the opportunity it provides in our lives.

There is only one thing in life that we all get the exact same amount of…time! 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. We all get the same. It’s how we use it that makes the difference.

In this message we said, “Time is not meant to be managed for God, it’s meant to be leveraged for good!”  Because time is meant to be leveraged, we asked the question, “How do we leverage our time for good?” and preached from Psalm 39:4-7.  In this Scripture, David gives us some great principles for leveraging our time for good.

Time is not meant to be managed for God, it's meant to be leveraged for good! Click To Tweet

In this clip here, I talk about understanding time well. If we are going to leverage our time for good we need to understand it well.  I use a couple of physical illustrations to try and help us connect the dots on time. You can watch full sermons HERE.